25 September 2023


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Fujifilm X-T4 Used Unit Just Arrived – First Impression Test

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One of the reason why I love my job is because of the opportunity I got to try out different cameras and lenses.

Few days ago I received a Fujifilm X-T4 mirrorless camera, which is the top model from Fujifilm that was released in May 2020. I am really excited to be able to try out this camera, with a bunch of lenses I got as well! The camera condition is just like new, 1 month old.

The first lens that I tried is of course the 56mm 1.2 BOKEH KING. I want to use it for portrait shots of my kids. At 1.2, the background is really creamy, but at the same time you can still see every details of the eye and eyebrows! My boy was sitting in front of the computer and the background distance is very close to him. Still, we can get blurry and smooth background from this 56mm 1.2 lens shot wide open at 1.2.

I took another shot of my daughter and this time with a background that is of further distance away, again very smooth bokeh!

We have always heard people talking about Fujifilm color, straight out of the camera is already very accurate and usable. Minimal editing is required. This is a yes and no in my own experience. Using auto white balance, I find the colour to be a bit too yellowish in PRO Neg. Hi film simulation setting. So I have to change the WB a bit by dialing in +4 Red and + 2 Blue. However, I am sure this can be corrected easily in photoshop or Paint Shop Pro software. The two photos above are adjusted slightly in Paint Shop Pro.

Photo below is straight out of camera shop without any editing. It is very similar to the slightly edited version above.

Original JPEG FINE file output from X-T4

Psychically, the Fujifilm X-T4 is quite similar to my existing Sony A7R IV. Of course, in term of specs and design, both are quite different. I love high resolution file from the A7R IV, but somehow the colour is just NOT RIGHT, especially for portrait shots. I really love the colour straight out of the Fujifilm.

The X-T4 has touch screen LCD that is easy to use, especially when browsing photos (zooming in and out using your fingers, just like your mobile phone). I somehow find the back LCD of the X-T4 to be better colour and quality than the A7R IV (1.620k dots vs 1.440k dots), not sure if it is because of the photo colour or there is really a noticeable different in quality of the two LCD.

The main reason why I switched from Nikon (D4) to Sony (A7R IV system is because of the autofocus accuracy (face detection and eyefocus). Fujifilm does have very good AF in their cameras as well, and I got quite accurate eye focus from the X-T4.