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I finally bought my first iPad Pro

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I have wanted an 12.9″ iPad Pro for a long time, since the first generation. However, someone commented on the poor performance of it, so I didn’t proceed. Then come the 3rd gen, and it has improved a lot. One of my customer showed me his stunning photos on his iPad Pro, really beautiful. I almost wanted to buy when iPad Pro 4th gen announced, with big price reduction on 3rd gen. However, doesn’t feel good buying older model.

Now, with the announcement of iPad Pro 5th gen in April 2021, I know the time has come. Clicked Apple website few times, can’t place order. With iPad pro started shipping and arriving to many in the USA these few days, there are lots of poison in Youtube now. Just happened to go to apple website again and checkout other stuff, I noticed Order button available on the front page of the apple website on the ipad pro product page. Clicked on it and yes, we can order iPad Pro in Malaysia now!

Cheapest model is 128GB, which might not be enough storage (apple wants to sell your icloud subscriptions)…so I opt for the 256GB version with RM500 extra. I guess this would be the one that most are buying, since we can’t insert memory card as external storage in iPad Pro (don’t try to hand a USB C reader or pendrive all the time on your ipad pro like a monkey tail).

This is a pre-order set and waiting time is more than a month away…I just have to forget it now and surprised myself later when it finally arrives. 😅