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Revisit your Digi Mobile plan (to save monthly bill!)

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Received Digi bill via email today, still the usual RM250+.

Last month I checked and repackaged my ASTRO bill from RM170+ to RM60+, so today I decided to revisit Digi latest package and see if I can reduce my monthly bill.

Went to digi website, the most expensive package is Digi150, which is RM150 per month. Where on earth is my previous Digi250 package? I googled online and found that it was actually a plan in 2017, no longer available today. The specialty of the Digi250 Family plan is that it gives 4 family lines for free, I have 5 lines in total.


Checked also my internet usage, not more than 10GB monthly. So I don’t need the high data plan.

As I was using 5 lines all together, I am not sure how to change each lines in digi website. So I gave them a call and below are my latest plans:

  • Main number: change from Digi250 to Digi60 (RM250 to RM60)
  • 4 family lines: Previously is zero, but now I have to get a plan for each line. I chose the Digi40 line but with family package there is a 50% discount, so it is RM20 per line. Total RM80.
  • With the above changes, my monthly bill should be reduced from RM250 to RM140 (RM80 + RM60). That’s RM110 saving per month.
  • Latest digi plan allows upto 6 family lines. So I can add another two more lines at RM20 per month and still cheaper than my previous plan.

When is the last time you revise your mobile plan? Time to check and do some saving.