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Mesh WIFI for your Home & Office – a MUST!

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If you are using WIFI in your home or office network, make sure you check the speed if your WIFI router is fast enough to deliver the speed you deserved!


I was using the FREE Unifi wireless router given by TM for a long long time…until one day I found the MESH WIFI technology by chance and decided to give it a try to my home network.

I have used WIFI repeater from many brands, but setting up TWO routers gave problem to my network due to conflict of IP occasionally (when you have too many devices connected). Mesh WIFI solved the problem as they are still using ONE network name and all devices are assigned to different IP address automatically.

My router was in the upper floor of my house, and my downstairs living room TV can’t connect to internet due to poor signal. With mesh wifi, I setup an extra router downstairs, and it solved the problem that I have always been facing, and all corners in my house are having strong WIFI signal. Just make sure that the two routers are able to detect the signal strongly one and another. If your house is big, then you may need to get 3 units of the mesh wifi routers.

Besides solving the signal coverage issue, I also found that the internet speed from the mesh wifi router that I used to be MUCH faster than the previous free WIFI router from Unifi. The difference was obvious, with previously only around 20Mbps to the current 90Mbps (under Unifi 100Mbps package). Again, test your internet speed if you haven’t done so.


The mesh wifi router is so good that I bought another pair and install them in my office, again to solve the weak wifi signal issue in different floors. Yeah, you don’t want to have signal loss on your handphone when you walked around in the office.

How much difference is the internet speed via LAN cable vs Wireless? By theory, LAN should be the fastest, but WIFI should not be too much slower. So, today I tested the speed of my desktop connected via LAN CAT6 cable directly to the router vs my samsung note 10 handphone wireless internet speed, and the difference is not much (105Mbps on Desktop vs 90Mbps on handphone). It shows that the mesh wifi is able to deliver just as good internet speed wirelessly. This is impressive.

Handphone Speed
Desktop Speed

So…which MESH WIFI routers I used? It is the TP-LINK DECO E4, RM2xx per pair. No, you don’t have to go for the more expensive M4 version, unless your Unifi speed is above 100Mbps. The difference between DECO E4 and DECO M4 is just 100Mbps vs 1000Mbps. I don’t need the M4 as my Unifi is just 100Mbps package and it is already fast enough for my home and office usage.

Just sharing my little tech experience…you can go buy the mesh wifi from any computer shop or online marketplace. 😊