TEDxUTM 2020

Received the invitation in Nov 2019. Today (7th March 2020) is the actual day.


Met some fabulous speakers there, one thing we all have in common…nervous.


When I first got the invitation, I asked myself: do I want to accept this challenge? It is a Self-torture. It is not going to be an easy talk. Not just a casual talk to students. There will be recording, and what you spoke will be put online. It is either gave up or take up the challenge.

I took the later. In the past 5 months, it is not easy going. Although the preparation time is long, but you still need to get ready earlier. Refining your content, get the slides done, etc. In the past one week before the event, I have been practising it daily after sending my daughter to school at 7am in the morning. Refining what I wanted to share…and everyday is a different speech.

I am glad that the day has finally come, and the session is finally over. I am glad that I have taken up the challenge, and accomplished the mission. Regardless of how good or poor my sharing is, I can at least be proud of myself that I have not run away from the challenge.

Well done to all previous and future Tedtalk speakers. Well done to TEDXUTM2020 organising committee. Well done to all the students and attendees.

I am a Tedtalk speaker.

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