Peugeot RCZ Service Chart and Price in Malaysia

Almost 8 years ownership of my Peugeot RCZ. Clocked just 45k km mileage. Went to do car servicing yesterday, at the same time doing some checking on engine fault and some wiring issue.

They mechanics there not so attentive, said I have to leave my car there for at least 2 days…after some consideration, I decided to not leave my car there.

Furthermore, the service charge and labour charge are really high. My car is scheduled for the 100,000km service package, which costs RM916.80 parts and RM492.00 labour. After SST becomes RM1435.32 total. Hmm…quite a lot for a car that I seldom drive. If I just change the oil outside, it should not cost more than RM500 all together.

However, I did managed to get a copy of the service internal retail price and labour hour, which is a good reference of what to do and change for my car if I wanted to do it outside later.

As my car is manual gear, so below is the reference for it.

This is the reference for Auto gear model, which is slightly different from manual pricing.

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