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Korea holiday, 8 Days 6 Nights, Nov 2019 (Day 1)

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Our family annual trip. This time we went to Korea for a 8 days holiday, from 22nd till 30th Nov 2019.

We used to go ourselves oversea yearly, but this time we decided to go via travel agent. See how’s the arrangement and experience. We book our ticket via Air Sino-Euro Associates Travel Pte Ltd. Below is our travel itinerary.

Oh ya…we travel through Singapore instead of KLIA, as is much more convenient for us to go to Singapore via car then flying to KLIA via flight. We went with Lydia’s bestie in Singapore and her daughter. We met at Changi airport. Car trip to Singapore is smooth, no traffic jam. Took 1.5 hours from our house to Changi. Fare is RM245.

The first stop after arriving in Seoul airport is the N Seoul Tower.

View from the top of the tower of Seoul city.

Inside the tower.

Outside the tower.

Second stop, lunch.

Late dinner in Jeju after local flight. Tired and hungry. Our

Going back to our hotel.

Day 1, completed.