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My Dream Watch, Garmin Fenix 5X Plus, Comes True!

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I have wanted a smart watch for some time. As I wanted to record my heart rate, exercises and…to look smart!

Last year, Malaysia government is having a transformation from GST to SST. There was a promotion of NO GST NO SST period from June to Sept, and there was a promotion of Garmin watches during that time.

I was so tempted to get the Fenix 5 series myself during that time, and I was eyeing on the top range Fenix 5X Plus, Sapphire Carbon Gray DLC Titanium with DLC Titanium Band retails at RM4699. I even went to Garmin booth to test out the watch in person. I didn’t get the watch at the end as I read that the display quality is just normal, not as good as Samsung or Apple watch, so I was a bit put off. Furthermore, I was hoping maybe wait for Fenix 6 to launch with better version then only buy.

Then, I bought my Samsung NOTE 9 phone and it comes with the Samsung Gear Sports smartwatch. I decided to use the Samsung Gear Sports before spending much money on the Garmin.

By the way, did I mentioned that my company (ShaShinKi) is also an official Garmin dealer in Malaysia?

Last week, Garmin started their RAYA promotions for Fenix series. The Fenix 5x Plus, Sapphire (Carbon Gray w/ DLC Titanium Band) is back to RM4899 promo price. Since my Samsung Gear Sports is using rubber band, I kinda get used to it and like it. So I decided to save the money and opt for the cheaper version of Fenix 5x Plus, Sapphire (DLC Black w/ Black Band), which is having RAYA promotions at RM3099.

Placed an order with my supplier, and next day it is at ShaShinKi retails store.

I ordered two units, one for myself, one for my friend who was using Fenix 3 and poisoned by me to grab this Raya deal as well.

Small box, just like any other watch.

I brought back home to open when I was free.

I was thinking of doing an open box video, but don’t have the time to setup video shooting. Couldn’t wait, so decided to just take open box photo and story.

Complete set list down.

Comparing side by side to my Samsung Gear Sports. Garmin on the left, Samsung on the right.

On my wrist. I have a tiny wrist, but my fist is quite large. So, still OK.

Garmin vs Samsung, size comparison.

Back side comparison.

Brought it out for a walk today.

Loving it! 🙂

First Thought

1. Screen LCD is more like gray scale type. It is a colour screen, but very fade colour. However, I kinda get used to it now only after a day of use. I set white font with black screen, so it is clear to view.

2. The watch doesn’t feel too big or heavy when I wear it.

3. The sapphire glass is extremely clear! It is very very smooth and great to look at!

4. There are 5 buttons on the watch. 3 on the left, 2 on the right. It is very intuitive to use, no need to read manual also can get to know them after some trial and error.

5. The strap length is OK for my tiny wrist. Not too long.

6. Battery life is amazing. By the way, my watch came out of the box with EMPTY power. So I have to charge it for around 2 hours to get it full before I can start using it. After a day and a half of using, it still have 86% left.

7. There are many nice WATCH FACE to choose from. I was using the standard default face for a day, but now I changed to digital watch face which is really easy to read from.

8. Light button. It is useful when in dark. In daylight, you won’t see the difference.

(Light OFF below)

(Light ON below)

Finally, I am really happy with this watch. Highly recommended!



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