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1st May 2019 (Weds) Holiday Morning Ride in UTM

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Enjoying a long due outside ride. Happy to have a morning ride starts at 6.59am (went for breakfast first before the ride) and completed at 10.49am. Of course, there are a few stops in between, as it is a relax ride with friends.

Our first photo at first stop at UTM Senai entrance.

Our 2nd stop at Balai Cerapan UTM. The climb almost killed me! UTM convo just over, so we saw a family came up to take some convo photos here as well.

Selfie with bike for memory. Snapped using my Samsung Note 9 with the pen as remote trigger. That’s convenient!

Parked my bike to the wall so that it doesn’t get fall down. Can you see the little squirrel? It almost bang into me when I was sitting right in front of the bike resting.

My Garmin Edge 520 was faulty. So I used my Samsung Gear Watch to record the ride. Heart beat not bad. Too bad no power output record.

Looking forward to the next ride!