24 September 2023


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Starbucks Reserve @ Paradigm Johor Bahru, Malaysia – First Experience

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I have seen this special Starbucks many times. I have went to Paradigm Johor Bahru many times. However, I haven’t gotten the chance to try out this until yesterday.

Have a chat with the barista and the manager. The manager recommended me the Reserve Undertow (chilled). It is chilled by nitrogen gas.

This is the Reserve menu.

This is how the drink is being served.

A nice cup that they used. Heavy at the bottom, hence very sturdy when placing on the table. It also gives you a wrong feeling that your coffee is still FULL…

Some info of the coffee bean that used in serving the drink. Also a piece of chocolate to sweeten the bitter and sour taste after you finish your coffee.

Acidity 3/5, body 3/5. Not sure what body is.

Overall, I would give this drink a 9 out of 10. I love the taste and thick coffee + milk flavor of the drink. However, although mentioned as served chilled, it is actually not cold enough and more like room temperature. I don’t like coffee that is neither hot or cold.

Would I order this drink again? I will definitely visit Starbucks R again but maybe trying out different drink next!