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New Pre-owned Lenovo ThinkCentre i7-4770 CPU Upgrade

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Upgrading from HDD to SSD and reinstalling Windows 10 Pro to a newly bought USED Lenovo i7-4770 CPU.

Windows 10 Pro license if bought separately will cost you RM500+. So it is actually quite worthwhile to get a branded PC with genuine Windows license, and if you look around…you might find good deals like this at just RM970 with I7-4770 processor, 8GB RAM, 2TB HDD (I upgraded it to a 480GB SSD at RM255). If you take into consideration the cost of Windows 10 Pro, the hardware of this CPU is just RM470. That’s a good bargain for a perfectly working fine computer. More than enough for normal typing and internet browsing work.

This is my temporary working station to troubleshoot and upgrade the computer.

Microsoft gives free upgrade of Windows 10 if you have the Windows 8 license on your previous computer. So you can install Windows 10 directly and once connected to the internet, it will get activated automatically.

This is the old HDD. Extremely slow…or we are long spoiled by the speed of SSD.

A new Kingston UV500 480GB SSD installed. Reinstalling Windows 10 Pro is extremely fast and easy. After installing, booting up Windows is so much faster and smoother than the previous HDD.

Done upgrading and installing, putting everything back. Nice and good to go!