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Trek Madone SLR 7 Disc eTap 2019 Customisation

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My dream bike of Trek Madone SLR Disc has become more realistic with this SLR 7 model.

I was dreaming about the SLR 9 Disc, but after checking the price with the local retailer, it is too hard for me to swallow. Even if swallow also hard to digest later…it was quoted at RM60,676.00, with 5% discount becomes RM57,642.00.

Then last night when still playing around in Trek website on the ProjectONE selections, I saw a new Madone SLR 7 Disc eTap in the list! It wasn’t there last month, and after doing some research online, I found out that SRAM has just introduced a new lower grade version of their latest etap 12 speeds groupset! It is their FORCE series, and is cheaper by around US$1000 and just launched in April 2019! No wonder I don’t see it last month in Trek ProjectONE.

Now with this Madone SLR 7 series, I try to keep the final price to below US$10k in ProjectONE website. Then it should translate to less than RM40k in total. Which is still a huge amount but is something that I can digest.

If I were to use the previous Off The Front theme Paint work in Project One, then I still have to pay the extra US$1000 custom paint job. That’s quite a lot of money and is over my budget. However, as someone mentioned…if you are getting such an expensive bike…make sure it is unique and you don’t want to see another one out there!

So I still want to have the ironman colour design for my dream bike.

Then, accidentally I saw another theme in Project One, then Gran Premio, which you can still select the colour matching that you want, and it is only US$500! In fact, I find this to be quite unique as well with inner fork painted in GOLD (you can select other colour of your choice).

Here’s another US$500 theme called Solid-Team Logos, with a huge TREK wording that you can’t miss from miles away…

Rage Red + Gold

Cobra Blood + Gold

Blue Steel + Metallic Gunmetal + Pacific

Blue Steel + Metallic Gunmetal + Quicksilver

Blue Steel + Metallic Gunmetal + Anthracite

Dnister Black + Gold

Trek Black + Gold

There are of course some stock colour design from Trek Project One.

These are at NO extra charge:

I don’t like this blue…

I don’t like this red as well…

I quite like this white blue though. This is the team bike by Trek, but white gets dirty easily. So not for me.

While these costs US$1000 extra:

These are fancy colour…changing at different angles…

Black GOLD…showing off!

This is another team racing bike. I like this one, but US$1000 is too much to ask for for such colour theme. I can get the solid theme design match to it at just US$500!

There are some other colours as well, you may checkout Project One website directly.

Of course, to further reduced the price, the wheelset has been changed from Aeolus XXX 6 TLR to Aeolus Pro 5 TLR. No problem for me, as this is still the best wheelset that I am going to own, and it is a carbon wheelset as well.

Other trade off are like cheaper saddle, steel bearings (no Ceramic Speed BB90 as I read reviews don’t seems to suggest that there is a significant improvement for cycling at low cadence). I added QUARQ Power Meter to the configuration as I would love to monitor my power output during riding. That’s US$600 to the final figure.

SLR 7 and SLR 9 are using the exact same frame. The only difference is just the components matching to the bike. Getting the top components is always going to be costly.

Now everything is ready and the final play would be the paint job. Need to make sure the colour theme is what I really love!

So, what’s the final figure? US$9,659.99, translate to around RM40572, then after 5% discount becomes RM38543.

That’s a hefty sum for a bicycle!!! Time to cool down…

Below are the built specs of my custom Madone SLR 7 Disc eTap.

Your Custom Madone SLR 7 Disc eTap
Purchase Information
*Estimated Price::
*Estimated Build Time::
See retailer
Gran Premio
Headbadge Color:
Personalization Type:
Drivetrain & Suspension
Force eTap AXS Quarq
Bottom Bracket:
Steel BB90
Aeolus Pro 5 TLR
Bontrager R4 Classics
Madone SLR VR-CF
Bar Tape:
Madone SLR
Montrose Elite
Seat Post:
Madone SLR Seatpost
Brake Calipers:
Force HydroR Caliper /
Bottle Cage-Down Tube:
Bottle Cage-Seat Tube: