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My “NEW” Dell Optiplex 3060 Computer

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Saw a pre-loved Dell CPU for sale in Facebook marketplace recently. Chat with the seller and found out that it is quite a new model with Intel i5 8th Generation processor (3.00Ghz, 6 cores). This is still the current on going for sale model at Dell website, and it costs US$699 in USA or RM2750 in Malaysia. 8GB RAM + Kingston 240GB SSD.

The seller put a price tag of RM1250 for the set, and discounted to RM1220. Set a date, and patiently waiting for him to deliver the CPU to me. Yes, he actually made the effort to hand deliver it to my shop.

The seller came on time as per our appointment. I brought my monitor, keyboard, mouse, cables…etc. to set it up and checked the CPU specs, RAM, Windows…etc., all to be fine. Paid him cash, done deal.

Brought the CPU upstairs after office hour to open it up to check the content inside. Looks very clean with little to no dust. The Kingston SSD is new as per the seller, but he used double sided tapes to glue it to the case. Definitely not secure. I removed all the tapes and find a screw to secure it to the rack.

Doesn’t feel safe or peace to have the Windows pre-installed by the seller. So I dig up some info on resetting Dell computer online and it is easily done.

A clean fresh computer (CPU) at just RM1220 with original Windows 10 Pro 64bit installed. What a bargain deal!


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