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Our first dog…Popype

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My wife has wanted a dog for long. The urge is extremely strong after we came back from my sister’s house in Miri for Chinese New Year. My sister has a poodle named Toto. So very adorable. The kids love him!

So, I was looking for a poodle secretly. Went to mudah.my classified website to check around, but not avail in white colour. Most professional sellers are located in Selangor.

Then I found that there are several similar breeds to poodle. Maltese and Shizu. Did some study, and it seems that Maltese is the one that is with pure white colour. Contacted a seller on 12th Feb 2019, quite expensive at RM2200 a puppy maltese (with MKA certificate).

Poodle is at RM1500 but only female is available and the colour is brown. We want just male and white.

On 6th March 2019, the same seller Whatsapp me saying that she has a new batch of Maltese available (I was looking for poodle, but maltese is also OK). She sent me some photos, and this time the price is RM1888 (without MKA cert). MKA cert is just a certification to proof that your dog is pure breed, and has a microchip embeded into the body of the dog. No, we don’t need that.

Definitely a professional seller and she capture very nice photos and even video of the puppy to attract buyer’s interest. She has both male and female available.

I told her I just want male, so she further sent me some more photos and even some videos.

By the way, the seller is in Selangor, but she has deliver services to even Johor! She said she will be coming down to Johor the next day (7th March 2016). So I only have one day to consider. Total inclusive of transportation is RM2000.

This puppy seems like the perfect match of what I wanted for my wife and kids. Did more research the same day on Maltese breed, and I confirmed the purchase with Yuki the seller at night. Did a RM500 transfer to the seller to reserve the puppy.

The next day, I have to get a cage for the puppy before its arrival. I went to a few petshop to find food, cage, etc. for it. Bought a large 3 feet cage, puppy food, shampoo, and bowls (for water and food). Later Yuki said water bowl not so suitable as it makes the mouth and fur wet all the time, so recommended us to get a hanging water bottle type. My wife bought that the next day.

I kept it as a surprise to my wife until she went back home at around 6pm+. She was really surprise to see the puppy in the house, and she loves it!

The kids are happy with the new pet in the house as well!

We were having hard time naming the dog…and the next day my wife found a perfect name for it.