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My new mouse, not a real mouse…Logitech MX Master 2S

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No, not another pet. This time is a computer mouse.

Went to a computer shop recently to buy some items, then accidentally saw this nice Logitech mouse.

My office Logitech mouse has been acting up recently. The left click button is not functioning well. Jumping and not able to click and hold. Getting quite frustrating.

The shop sells the mouse at RM290+, but I found online seller at RM258. Quite a big difference, so I decided to buy online.

I ordered the mouse on the 25th Feb, and it only arrives on the 7th March. That’s 10 days waiting.

Packaging is superb.

This mouse is an official import with MCMC sticker.

The mouse is large. Very good to hold in hand as I have large palms.

There are some settings at the bottom where you can use upto 3 different computers with the mouse at one time. Not sure about the details as I don’t use so many computers on my desk. The mouse use built in battery, and comes with a USB cable for it.

Comparing side by side to my previous jumpy Logitech (now retired).

This is the OLD Logitech MX Master that I have at home. Also retired.

I am a happy worker on my desk again with the new mouse.