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Shopping after dinner

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We have our early dinner, done at around 8.30pm in Taman Sutera.

Then we decided to go to Sutera Mall to get some exercise books for Megumi at Popular Book Store. Went

Nice flower deco at the carpark. Megumi requested me to take some photos of her.

Emmanuel found his favorite game book! Minecraft series…Chasing Herobrine!

I went look for Apple store…found one, ATR. Trying out my dream iPad Pro 12.9″.

The setup is quite heavy actually. Definitely not a constantly bring around device. Base price for 64GB is already RM4349. I think 64GB is way too little storage. Minimum should get at least 256GB at RM4999. Add a Smart Keyboard RM869 and Apple Pencil RM549, it is quite a big burn in the pocket at RM6417. Ouch for a tablet…see see only…

Finally we went to grab some food before heading back home.

Nice leisure night for all of us.