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New baby rabbit for Emmanuel

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A long due promise.

Since the gone of Bubu, we have promised Emmanuel to get him a new rabbit. However, as Chinese New Year was around the corner, we told him that we can only get one AFTER we are back from our Chinese New Year holiday.

Since the day we are back from Miri for our Chinese New Year holiday, Emmanuel has been asking about when to get his new rabbit daily. My wife has brought him to visit the pet shop a few times, but they ran out of rabbit there as well.

On 21st Feb 2019 (Thursday) evening, Lydia told me that the pet shop has called her saying that a bunch of rabbits have arrived. It was quite late nearly 9pm at night, I told Emmanuel about it and we straight away went to the shop.

There isn’t much options actually, as we wanted just female. However, Emmanuel found his favorite straight away! He wanted a white one.

This time the rabbit is quite pricey at RM45 each. Used to be RM45 a pair. Anyhow, happiness is priceless.

Packed, and Emmanuel is happily carrying the big box with his new pet inside.

There is a hole at the bottom and he can’t wait to check out his new pet!

See his happy face!

He can’t wait to touch and play with the rabbit in the car while we are on the way back home!

Meet our new Jimini!