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My first bonsai, shui mei (Wrightia Religiosa)

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Recently read about an article on Japanese bonsai got stolen. Sparked my interest in getting a bonsai myself.

Went to a nursery today with my wife and my friend Alvin. Just want to look look and relax.

Found this bonsai, a sui mei species at the back side of the nursery. Look a bit abandoned…or left there for long.

The boss was busy, so I snap a photo and went to show him. He quoted RM180.

I thought of negotiating with him to lower price. He then went to see the bonsai, and said is RM250. He said the pot is already worth RM60. RM60 + RM180 = RM240. Hmm…

The flower is very good smell. I went to look around for another pot…not avail.

My wife and Alvin already bought what they want, and sat in the car already. I decided to negotiate for the last time with the boss…I know I will regret going home empty handed.

RM230, deal! I am a happy man today!