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Replacing Car Porch Downlights

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A long due work. I have bought the Philips LED lights for the car porch for long. Finally have some time yesterday to replace the existing energy saving downlight to the Philips LED light.

This is the old type in my car porch. You can see the aging rusting condition of the light. The brightness from the light is already very poor…which is a waste of energy I believe.

With the open type design of the old downlight, insects and spiders tend to love that. This caused the lights to dim due to dirt.

Even the opening is full of dirt as well.

Replacing the light was easy. Just take out the old one, connect the wire, and slot in the new one.

The one on the left is the old energy saving downlight. The two on the right are the new LED type.

I might have chosen the wrong colour of LED light for the car porch. I prefer yellow colour for car porch, not daytime white. Might have to change them again in future.