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Chinese New Year 2019 in Miri, Sarawak

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Went back to Miri Sarawak for this Chinese New Year celebrations with my family.

It began with our flight from Senai Airport via AirAsia. The kids are excited!

We went for dinner straight away after touching down in Miri airport. Thanks Su Fan for her treat!

I stayed in my sister’s house during this Chinese New Year.

The next day after wake up, we went to have breakfast with my father. Took his Honda CRV and we then we started went around in Miri city.

First stop, Curtin University. Curtin University was one of our customer (ShaShinKi’s customer).

We then went to Crocodile Farm. A place that I have told my wife for ages…but never brought her there one. So, finally we were there with kids. The kids are having fun there.

By the way, the cutest person in the house…ToTo! Our sister’s dog. My wife and kids just love him!

Emmanuel is imitating ToTo.

We went for the long wanted snack food in Miri. The best Rojak, Kacang Ice (red bean), Jalut, Mango Ice, Milo Ice Cream, Jagung Ice Kacang…etc.! Satisfied!

This is Octopus with Kangkung vege!

We went to Piasau Boat Club – https://piasauboatclub.com/

We went to the beach to catch some crabs…and Emmanuel took some sand and created this. How creative he is!

Miri Taman Bulatan Park. A very nice park for family to have their morning or evening exercise or strolling or jogging there. Saw many though runners there. We purposely brought our running shoes back home, so must went there for jogging!

The first visit is in the evening with kids. There are hundreds if not thousands of fish in the pond! Bought a packet of fish food to feed them. Most are cat fish in huge size.

The 2nd visit is early in the morning with my niece and nephew to jog there. Kids are still sleeping at home.

Have a nice meet up with my secondary school friends!

Dinner with my sister’s in law family.

We were having Chinese day 30th reunion dinner at Meritz hotel.

Miri City night view from Meritz hotel.

Dim Sum is a famous meal in Miri. This one is very good. Only managed to take some photos. From Lau Yang secret restaurant.

Lion dance in the house. This one is from SMK Chong Hua Miri school.