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Sad day…goodby bubu

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It is a sad day today that we have lost you bubu…seeing you got caught by a cat. I jump over the fence, climb to the roof to try find you but no avail. Search around the neighbourhood and still no sign of the cat that caught you. I then climb up the roof again to look for you. Only then I found you lying lifelessly on the floor…and the cat quickly ran away.

You were the first love in sight…we brought you back only a week ago. You ate a lot, run slowly and fluffy fur always a pleasure to hug.

There is little blood on the floor. I felt sorry that I couldn’t save you. If only I could find you earlier. I hope you didn’t suffer much pain.

I pickup your body, walk back to the house. I dig a hole and bury you in our garden.

We will miss you bubu…