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Getting a notebook for my niece, ASUS VivoBook

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My niece wanna get a new computer to edit video and upload tk the internet. So my sister asked me about it.

Studied some models and specs online, and found this Asus Vivobook to be the best value for money model that ticked all the boxes.

Asus vivobook 15.6″ full HD (big screen is important), Intel i5 with 128gb ssd + 1tb hdd + 12gb RAM (original 4gb, I added an extra 8gb for her) . Bigger memory will ensure that the heavy work goes smoother. 128gb ssd will make sure that Windows runs faster and software load fast as well. 1tb hdd is good or large file storage of her video or photos.

Vivobook is RM2950 while the 8gb ram costs RM23

9. Total damage RM3189. Good value for money and the green blue color is sexy! My niece chose this colour herself.