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Home Grown Passion Fruits

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Our home grown passion fruits have finally ripe! We have planted this tree many years ago, but the location is sheltered by a two tall trees, it always not getting enough sunshine. After cutting off the tall trees (the roots have been growing into my car porch and destroying the fence), we saw this passion fruit tree started blooming!

This passion fruit tree has very strong life! Many times we thought it is already dead or gone, as our grass trimmer has cut it till just bare bone several times. Amazingly it survived and grown into a huge bloomsome now!

One thing to take note though. Bugs love this fruits as well! We have to cover each fruit with plastic bag to avoid bugs stinging it. No, we don’t use pesticide.

Pluck these in this morning.

Juicy and extremely sweet! You can eat the seeds. It tastes sweet and sour.

This is the leftover juice after you ate all the seeds. This is gold. Yummy!