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Emmanuel 7 Years Old Birthday, 2018

Emmanuel’s birthday is around the corner. We thank God for him.

Not sure what birthday gift to buy for him, as he has many toys already that only played for a while. Few days ago, Megumi mentioned that Emmanuel’s handphone is really eye hurting. He actually used my previous Samsung Note 5 to play games (Minecraft) this holiday. There is a cracked line on the screen from me, and Emmanuel himself dropped the phone several times causing it to crack another. So total 2 crack lines. Yeah…quite distracting and eye hurting.

I asked Emmanuel if he wanted a new phone or not. He said no need, as it costs much money. He said maybe after his phone spoiled then only get a new one. My felt bad…

I knew Lydia is not going to agree with getting a new phone for Emmanuel, but I told Lydia about Megumi’s comments on the phone first. Then she said let’s go get a phone for Emmanuel. So we decided to go shopping at Paradigm Mall Johor Bahru. I did some study online before going, searched around for Mi phone models and planning to get the Redmi Note 6 Pro.

I brought Emmanuel to the Mi Store in Paradigm mall, he was excited playing with the phones there. He didn’t know that I am going to get a phone for him. I look around, asked the sales girl which suitable model. Good battery life, big screen (but not too big as if size of phone that is too big, it will be hard for kids to hold), not so expensive. Note 6 biggest advantage over Note 5 is the camera functions. Since Emmanuel isn’t going to use the camera of the phone, so the sales girl suggested me to take the Redmi Note 5. Coincidentally, Redmi Note 5 is the same phone that I bought for Megumi during her birthday in June! I then asked Emmanuel to come over and tell me which colour he likes? Blue or Black? I told him I am going to buy a phone for him. His eyes opened wide and smile on his face! Blue of course!

My wife and Emmanuel arrived just in time to witness the moment. We added a screen protector and a rubber case for him (RM100 total). The phone costs RM685.

Happy Birthday, Emmanuel!



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