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Garmin Fenix 5X Plus Size Testing

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I dreamed of getting a Garmin watch. I have wanted a smart watch for quite some time. I checked Samsung Gear since their first generation model, but it does not tick my checklists (no waterproof is definitely a no no). Of course, the current Samsung Watch is already waterproof, but the battery life does not seems that great. Or, should I say I found a much better watch from Garmin? The Garmin Fenix 5X Plus that can last 18 days per charge!

Garmin Fenix 5X Plus seems to be the best smartwatch in the market now, but with such a long battery life, the size of the watch has to be huge in order to accommondate the big size battery. Being a 51mm face watch, I am kinda worry that it might not fit my skinny wrist well. The Fenix 5 Plus that is 47mm might be more suitable, but I don’t want to pay so much and yet not getting the best of the smart watch that I want.

So, I went to my nearby place to checkout the Garmin Fenix 5 Plus series in person. Yes, it happened to have a Garmin booth in Paradigm Mall in Johor Bahru nearby my house, located inside Parkson store.

There are Titanium version available for both 5 Plus and 5X Plus. Both looks identical except the size. Being the Titanium version, the face time numbering are in orange colour. Garmin Fenix 5 Titanium is retailing at RM5099, while 5X Plus Titanium is RM5399.

The Titanium wrist band is long. I tried the 5X on my wrist, and it seems pretty nice! It is huge, but still looks good I think.

The watch is thick, but that’s the design of Fenix series that has to accommondate big batteries and features into that tiny watch size.

The titanium band does not feel heavy. It actually feel lighter than my Tag Heuer watch (which I bought in Feb 2011). I had wanted a Rolex…but I couldn’t afford one, but that’s another dream.

I then try the silicon band Garmin Fenix 5. I have not been wearing a silicon band watch for ages, but this one actually does feel good on hand. You can see the time numbering of this watch face is in grey colour, not the orange colour as per the Titanium version above.

The titanium version does come with the silicon band in the package as well. So if one want to change the wrist band from Titanium to Silicon, there is always an option included already.