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Afternoon ride in UTM with my Giant TCR Advanced 2 Disc 2019 + Shimano R7000 105 Clipless Pedals

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A nice Saturday morning, plan to cycle in UTM, but have to work. So, decided to go in the afternoon.

My setup:

  • Giant TCR Advanced 2 Disc 2019 (Size M/L, I am 180cm 74kg)
  • Shimano R7000 105 Clipless Pedals
  • Shimano RP501 Shoes
  • Santic shorts + jersey (Size XL, I am 180cm 74kg)
  • Garmin Edge 520 with heart rate sensor, cadence sensor, speed sensor
  • Cateye Kinetic X2 rear light
  • Lezyne Microdrive 500XL front light
  • Giro Cinder Mips helmet (Size Adult Large)

Started my ride from home at around 4pm. Rode for an hour+, didn’t sweat much due to the wind. The distance recorded by Garmin Edge 520 seems not accurate. I estimated the actual value should be around 15-18km.

Anyhow, it is a nice solo ride. Still learning how to use clipless pedals safely. One thing I learnt from previous ride: always clip one leg before you start, and if you can’t get your other leg to clip in time, use the one that you have already clipped on to PULL and CYCLE and make sure the bike is moving forwards. I fall off previously due to not in time to clip the other leg and the bike wasn’t moving forward hence fall down.