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Bicycle Torque Wrench, a MUST have!

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I bought this XITE torque wrench for my Giant TCR Advanced 2 Disc bike. This brand is made in Taiwan, good built quality, and easy to use. Paid RM112 for it.

Why do we need a torque wrench for? Reason is because I need to adjust the seatpost, handlebar, etc. of my bike. As my bike is still new, and I haven’t done bike fitting, so I have to adjust the saddle height from time to time until it feels comfortable.

As the bike frame is made of carbon, so it is crucial as not to over tighten or stress the screw with too much torque. The last thing you want is to have your frame cracked because of too much torque on certain screws part.

Seatpost maximum torque is 7Nm.

Handle bar stem is 5.5Nm.

Handlebar joint is 6Nm.

Wheel lock screw is 5.5Nm.

The torque wrench comes with 9 different sizes of screw heads. Enough for all the various screw size in your bike.

The torque wrench is calibrated with an unique certificate of calibration and serial number of the torque wrench printed. Not sure how accurate or reliable this calibration is, but I think it is best to have no calibration at all.

Still to be safe, I only tighten my screws at 5Nm.