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Malaysia Day Holiday Family Outting

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We woke up to a fine morning Malaysia Day, 16th September 2018 (Sunday).

Went for breakfast in a nearby restaurant, then we decided to make a trip to UTM Balai Cerapan (observatory tower uphill in UTM).

Not sure how long is the distance, but was quite a long walk. The kids are happily checking out flowers, plants and insects along the way.

One problem though…mosquito. There are way too many mosquito along the way. We were being attacked vigorously by the mosquito empire.

Then it started raining lightly. So we decided to make a U-turn back.

However, the small rain and mosquito cannot resist our will to reach the top. So we drove it uphill till the top. It is a nice weather and even at 11am the sun is still not shining out like usual.

The kids are having fun on top of the hill.


A short but happy day for us. 🙂