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Pre-ordered my Samsung Galaxy Note 9 (Ocean Blue)

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I have been using Samsung Note 5 for quite a few years. It is a nice workhorse, and is still working fine except a broken screen (broke it when I went jogging with it and fall onto a rocky field).

I skipped Note 7 and Note 8. Now Note 9 is coming, and I got attracted with the free Samsung Gear Sports watch promo. Didn’t anticipate its launch, until I saw the ads in my FB wall.

Thought about it for a while, and decided to go for it. RM3699 seems like a pretty good offer with free Samsung Gear Sports watch (SRP RM1299). In comparison, Samsung gave out free power bank during their Note 8 launch pre-order (RM3999), which is pretty useless to me. I hate carrying a powerbank around, and a very good one Pineng or Xiaomi power bank is still less than RM100.

By the way, I was about to purchase the Samsung Gear Sports when I bought the Samsung Note 8 for my wife. Yes, the price of the smartwatch is fixed at RM1299 at Samsung store.

Another reason to get it now is because of the coming SST, which will definitely affected the price (read going UP) once implemented.

So, this Samsung Note 9 seems like a pretty decent deal. Now just have to wait a few more weeks till I have it in hand.😊

Oh ya…I chose the OCEAN BLUE one for the YELLOW pen. 😜