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Cotto 92202 Toilet Seat with Water Cleansing

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We bought this Cotto 92202 toilet seat together with Cottom toilet for our new bathroom.

After coming back from our recent Japan holiday, we all (I mean all of us in the family: Lydia, Megumi, Emmanuel, and I) fall in love with the convenient and hygiene of using water to clean your private part after the big business.

So, we decided to have water cleansing toilet seat for all of our existing toilets, and there are 3 currently in our house. Today is a bit free, so I decided to try out the Cotto 92202 toilet seat with our existing toilet, to see if it fits. To my surprise, it fit perfectly!

After a hour work of dismantle the old toilet seat and assemble the Cotto toilet seat, it is all good to go!

Quite a big seat, but fit nicely!

The set comes with a T-joint pipe divider, so you can fit easily to the existing outlet of the toilet water pipe.

This is a non-electric style type, so is manual turning the knob and water pressure will push the nozzle out and dispensing water.