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Sofa in the Office, ShaShinKi Boss Room

Visits: 63

A long due furniture in the office of ShaShinKi.

In our original design, we have wanted to have a sofa in the Boss room, yeah…that’s Lydia’s room. There is no urgency, no due date…hence has been delayed for nearly a year.

Tomorrow my friends will be visiting our office, so we decided to get a sofa for the boss room so that we can have a place for meeting and discussion later. Initially we have a meeting room in the original office design, but the room has now become our USED Products room + server room + store room.

So, we went to shop for sofa yesterday. Visited 3 places (one was already closed down), and finally found a set that we like (I think I like it more than Lydia, as she prefer purple colour in the first shop we visited, but there is no ready stock…).

We got the Sofa in blue, free two pillow (RM1999). We then found a set of coffee table for it (RM300), which i think match the set well. As there will be 3 friends visiting, so we decided to get a stool (RM150), and this is the only matching one we found in the shop. Love the colourful stool that add some extra colours to the whole set. Total = RM2499.

Added some snacks and drinks for the visitors. All ready to serve. 🙂