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My first robot, the Mi Robot Vacuum

My wife bought two cleaning robots few weeks ago, more precisely we should call it toy, as it really is. Just a randomly moving toy with a paper mat velcro beneath it. It was RM100+ each.

My wife has wanted a cleaning robot for long, only me didn’t realized that earlier. Silly me. So the cleaning toy she bought served as a wake up call.

So, few days later I Google some info online, and then only I saw Mi cleaning robot. It seems to be of good value at RM1000+, yet getting great reviews from many comparing it against the much more expensive iRobot Roomba 980 or Dyson 360 Eye. Mi is well known for its better value for money products, so I decided to give it a try.

This is a smart robot. You need to download Mi HOME apps to connect and communicate with the robot. Yes, it can be used in Malaysia.

You can put the charging station anywhere, as long as it is within the reach of Mi Robot.

Mi Robot Vacuum is doing a very good job in cleaning up my house. It can go to almost every corner that we don’t even bother to clean. Including beneath the cupboard, bed, racks…etc. It sucks up dust very well.

The vacuum is pretty strong, but the best part is the thoroughness it cleans. It can cover up the entire accessible area of the house very well.

Dust is hard to clean by bloom, and we are lazy to use vacuum ourselves daily. This is where Mi Robot Vacuum shines. The dust cassette is located on the top, just open the cover and pull out the dust cassette and throw away the dust.

There is a filter inside the cassette that filters out the air before blowing it out from the robot. The filter needs to be changed after 150 hours of usage. Side brush can last 200 hours, Main brush 300 hours, and sensor needs self cleaning every 30 hours of usage.

We are happy with its performance these few days. Hopefully long term use is still proven to be good and we plan to get ANOTHER unit for our office.

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