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Telco Digi in Malaysia Cheating? False Price Advertisement

Today I want to place my order of Samsung Note 8 at Digi website (www.digi.my). But upon checkout, I saw price difference.

This is the price I saw and the plan I selected at Samsung website.

Samsung Note 8 is officially retailing at RM3999 (incl. GST). Digi said Discount RM971, so my final price is RM3028 (RM3028 + RM971 = RM3999). So I assumed RM3028 is incl. GST price.


Digi price is BEFORE GST!

During checkout, I am surpriced to see the total price went up to RM3591.28! There is RM203.28 GST imposed on the advertised price!

This is FALSE advertising, and CHEATING! RM3028 + 6% GST = RM3209.68, that’s only RM789.32 difference from the official RM3999 SRP Samsung Note 8 Price, not RM971 discount as mentioned by Digi.

No, I am not going to buy the phone at digi.my website until they remove the DOUBLE GST Charges or false advertisement!

Update: 5.56pm, 03 Jan 2018

I sent some messages to Digi FB page on the issue, and the person replied that the price at digi website is all BEFORE GST.

This is so very wrong!

1. Malaysia law requires all Malaysia merchants to show price incl. GST

2. False advertisement by Digi on the total discount!

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