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My 2nd Panasonic LED 3 Blade Ceiling Fan F-M12GX VBHQH (48″) for the Study Room

I was thinking how to make the study room brigther. Installing extra lights would be a headache (I can’t DIY myself).

Then I decided to install the same fan that I have installed in my dining room. The LED light from the Panasonic fan is really bright.

Dining room fan changed, Panasonic LED 3 Blade Ceiling Fan F-M12GX VBHQH (48″)

Paid extra RM30 this time, as there is no discount coupon available.

Below is the existing fan before I removed it.

There are already 4 downlights in my study room. Photo below can’t really show the with or without LED light from the Panasonic fan, but in reality, the difference is HUGE. I am satisfied with the change. 🙂

One thing I noticed about this better quality fan is that there is no squeaking sound after long time of usage. I have a Panasonic yuragi 5 blades fan in my master bedroom for nearly 10 years, and it is still perfectly quiet (no squeaking sound) when operating. The cheaper fan in my other bedrooms are already giving noise when turning at higher speed. Definitely different quality.

I chose this over another Panasonic 5 blades led fan model for this 3 blades type is shorter in diameter, does not block the original downlights in the room. This is important, as you do not want to create shadows when the fan turns.

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