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Christmas Boy, Emmanuel 2017 Present – LEGO Fire Mech 70615

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Every year during Christmas, not only we celebrate the birthday of Jesus Christ, but also the birthday of our beloved boy, Emmanuel.

We bought this Lego set for him this year. Went to TOYSRUS to shop for presents together, and he chose this himself. This set is meant for age 9-14, but since Emmanuel already have some experience with LEGO, so we went ahead and bought his for him. RM349.90 original price, after discount is RM310+.

Quite a complicated set, but he seems enjoying it and able to assemble all by himself. Of course, from time to time he will ask me if he got stuck somewhere.

He always like to make funny face when taking photograph.

There are 8 packages in the box, and he has finished packages 1 and 2, and is doing the 3rd package now.


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