3 October 2023


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My new iMac 27″ arrived!

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Saw this box in my office today at around 11am, I was wondering…what stock inside that box that my staff put it there…

Went out to see a friend…and in the middle of the meeting…I suddenly realized that the shape of the box is what I have seen in iMac review before!

I ordered it on the 14th Dec, and after 7 days, it arrived! That’s pretty fast for a customized iMac! I don’t want to buy from local physical shop, as there is no customized version locally. See my post below for the specs that I have chosed.

Finally, my first iMac!

Yes! My new iMac 27″ has arrived! Can’t wait to open up the iMac box in the office to see the content inside! Yes, confirmed! The box is HUGE!

Immediately I brought it home (lunch time).

I leave it there in my dining room, and my daughter (Megumi) said “Papa bought another TV again!”

OK, later she did realized the mistake and corrected that that is a computer, NOT TV…don’t post and tell others…OK?!

The iMac is protected extremely safe and well inside the box.

The Magic keyboard. Well made as well. I have a Magic trackpad 2 as well, it is located below this keyboard.

Setting it up is easy. Just ONE cable, the power cable.

OK, I called Megumi to go test out the new TV lookalike Apple iMac. 🙂

By the way, the computer is placed on her new study table. I tried it briefly…not really used to the trackpad. Going to get a mouse for it soon.

Update 23rd Dec 2017 (Sat):

Still can’t get used to the trackpad interface, it is like using a notebook. A bit slow, no click and move function…so I have placed an order of the Logitech MX Master 2S Wireless Mouse from my local computer shop. RM3xx, similar as the Apple Magic Mouse 2 (MM2 is too small for my palm, so I decided to go for the normal Logitech, and if I went for MM2 in future, I can still use the Logitech mouse for my PC / Notebook). I wanted the Graphite colour one, but is not available locally, so I settled for the Black version.

iMac Sound

I did not pay attention to the built in speaker of iMac when placing order for it. I didn’t even realized that there is a built in speaker in iMac. Then I tested the sound…played Pentatonix songs from Youtube.

I must say…I am totally blown away! It sounds BETTER than the ALTEC LANSING VS4121BLK 31 Watts 2.1 Speakers that I have for years on my PC!

My PC soundcard is the Asus Essence STX II, which can power up my Sennheiser HD800 headphone nicely.

Sennheiser HD800 Headphones, bought!

The iMac sounds seems deeper, richer, clearer.  Bass is stronger, but yet the clarity still maintained. I couldn’t believe how good it is, and I immediately when to my PC and played the same song. I adjusted the treble and bass, yet I still couldn’t get the same sound from iMac. This makes the iMac even more value for money with high quality speakers included (easily worth over RM500 for a decent speakers).

Amazing I must say.