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Painting our study room, Day 2

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Last two weeks we have been really busy cleaning up our house, throwing away lots of unused stuffs, and cresting a study room for Megumi and Emmanuel. I have also moved my computer table into the study room, from the dining room.

This weekends we were busy painting the study room. I promised Megumi to paint the room, and she was super excited and looking forward to the project. Although is troublesome, as we already have all the furniture moved in, but a promise must be kept.

Today is the 2nd day of work (Sunday). Day 1 work is below (Saturday):

Painting our study room

Time to paint MY WALL to yellow. The two have been helping out a lot, as they do the first layer and later I can just apply the 2nd layer to deepen the paint coating.

The colour of the wall below is REAL, it is actually NOT yellow but light milky. I actually mixed the leftover yellow paint with some leftover milky paint, and created this colour.


However, after finishing the 1 and a half wall…I can only paint ONE layer and there are many stains of the old background colour. So we went bought a new 5L Nippon paint to finish the job (cost RM120+ for 5L).

Tips for painting newbie: It is a must to paint at least two layers. Don’t bother painting perfect in the first layer, as you will never be able to cover up the original paint fully. First layer should be treated as undercoat, the when you apply the 2nd layer, then only you will see the real colour of your new paint.

This is the final finishing colours of our study room. It is a combination of yellow (my choice), light pink (Megumi’s) and blue (Emmanuel’s).