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Creating a wall power socket for the study room

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This is the original wall socket in my dining room, and I want to loop the power right behind this wall to my study room. Borrowed a powerful drill from my friend, Alvin, and get some extra tools from him as well (he is the Mr DIY). Drilled a hole through the wall, and loop the power from this socket to the other side.

This is the opposite side of the wall. Creating two wall sockets instead of one. Quite neat, for my computer usage. Directly to my computer, no need extension cable anymore. My wife said wait till we renovate the car park then only ask the contractor to do the wall socket, but I decided to DO IT MYSELF since it should not be too difficult and I want to finish up the job today (while painting the room and removing the computer table from the wall).

So, this is what I have created! Perfectly done with one for my computer usage and the other as spare.

Right above this AVR is the wall socket that I newly created. No need extension wire anymore. Yeah!