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Dining room fan changed, Panasonic LED 3 Blade Ceiling Fan F-M12GX VBHQH (48″)

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Another job done. My dining room old alpha fan is giving little down flow air when spinning, so is time to get it changed. I have changed my living room fan 2 weeks ago.

Replacing Ceiling Fan myself

The dining room is a bit dim, so I decided to get a fan that has downlight built in. Ordered this Panasonic fan 3 days ago, received it today and managed to installed it within 45 mins (inclusive the time of removing the old alpha fan).

The LED light is pretty bright. There are 3 brightness setting. Photo below shown is the brightest. It is actually pretty bright (50Luminous flux, 8W LED light = 60W incandescent lamp ).

Below are some specs of the fan:

Price paid (incl. shipping & GST) = RM 605.00