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Replacing Ceiling Fan myself

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The nearly Alpha flower open type ceiling fan in my living room has finally given up few days ago. It is really warm not having a fan working.

So I ordered a standing fan online…

But my wife said I should have just get someone to replace the ceiling fan.

So, back to the computer, I placed another order for a ceiling fan.

Yes, it is online shopping era nowadays.

Received the fans today. I assembled the standing fan first, as it is an easier job.

Panasonic F-MX405 Standing Fan, RM141.07

Then, the more challenging part. To remove the existing fan, and fit up the new fan.

Panasonic F-M15E2 NAMI Ceiling Fan, RM440 after shipping and discount.

After around an hour of job, dinner, got the test pen from Mr DIY, done.

The fan has yuragi setting, which resembled natural wind that vary the speed by it self at different time. It has 5 speeds setting too.

The wind is extremely strong at speed 5. Even at speed 3 it is already much stronger than my previous Alpha fan. Maybe due to the aging of the Alpha fan.

The fan is silver in colour, which looks more modern and match my living room nicely.

Next, I might replace the one in my dining room that spins so slow that I can hardly feel it now…