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The Ergohuman Office Chair

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Used to spend RM100+ for office chair…which I think is already expensive. Bought a few for my office few years back, and those RM100+ chairs won’t last long. Common problems are broken arm (bend to the side), broken wheels (hard to move around smoothly), and poor cushion.

(this is the common executive chair that I bought)

I have always wanted a good executive chair…but not sure where to get. It felt bad when you paid $$$ but end up getting sub-quality products. I don’t mind paying high price if the product is good.

When moving to our new office, I went a find some nice chairs for my colleagues. End up paying RM200+ for a piece, pre-owned chairs that costs RM700+ originally (according to the seller). Condition is good, and I bought more than 15 pieces.

The chair is good, but there is no head rest.

(the reconditioned office chairs)

I have bought a nice executive table for my wife, have wanted to get a good chair for her too but she felt that the price is too high (RM19xx), so we didn’t get it at that time. Yes, I was already looking at the Ergohuman chair at that time.

During the last Raya, I called Amoffice if they have any promotion for the chair. Nope, so no go.

Ergohuman Chair ME7ERG – High Back with Headrest and Mesh

Then early this month I saw in news paper that Amoffice is having Merdeka promotions. So I called them again if Ergohuman chair got any promotion, yes this time. After discount is RM1745 (incl. GST). Saved RM200 from the previous price, so immediately I make the payment and booking. It took around 10 days for them to get the chair from KL to JB. Amazon is selling the chair at over US$600 (convert to over RM2500).

The moment has finally arrived.

It took 10 minutes for the skillful worker to assemble the chair. Looks perfect, no tear, no broken part. All sets to go.

My wife said is comfortable. I am happy. đŸ™‚