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Chinese School Fees in Malaysia…my take.

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My take on the donations, fee…extra expenses in most Chinese School in Malaysia…

1. Compare to Private School, Chinese School fee is still very very cheap.

2. Chinese Schools are not fully supported by the government (but do appreciate the majority expenses such as teacher’s salary are paid by the government), so parents are encouraged to help and assist school financially to share the annual expenses and expansion on the physical facilities.

3. There is no compulsory amount of donation. You can donate RM1, RM50, RM100, RM500…or even not donate at all.

4. We chose to send out kids to Chinese School because we believe in its quality and educational system. We want our kids to learn Chinese language. We knew that there will be extra classes (computer class, art, Co-Q, etc.), extra fees, extra payment for air-cond classroom, and even extra homework (be prepared to purchase the workbook). Stop complaining and condenming our Chinese Schools if you want to send your kids there. There are many other choices out there. You don’t want the school where your kids went to being imaged as a BAD / DIRTY school.

5. If we do not help our own school, who will? Take it as part of our responsibility. It is our school, not someone else’s school.