17 Jul

New Tyres for the Kimchi 

We called the Kia Optima the Kimchi, as it is made in Korea.

Have a front tyre punctured on Saturday, my wife said dangerous when making corner turn. Thank God she is fine.

I went to change the tyre the next day, use air pump to fill up 200 psi so that I can still drive it a little distance to reach the tyre shop. Have to refill again in midway, as the puncture hole is quite big. The air pump is from my Peugeot. Quite handy to have one. I have actually bought another one from AEON Shopping mall few years ago (RM50+), not powerful enough to use.

This new tyres are really new. Week 25 of Year 2017.

Initially I wanted to change to Michelin Pilot Sports 4, but tyre shop has no stock. No choice, have to settle the problem so chose the Silverstone model which is on promotion at RM309 per tyre with free alignment from the shop. Yes, it is my regular shop for tyre changing. Not the cheapest but at least I know the manager there, who is a young chap.

My tyres were around 2 years ago. Almost botak already for the front tyres. Rear one still good.