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Great Dinner Celebrating Alvin’s Birthday at Warakuya Japanese Restaurant 和乐屋日本料理@Sutera Utama 五福城

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Last night we have a great dinner celebrating my best friend Alvin’s birthday at Warakuya Japanese Restaurant 和乐屋日本料理@Sutera Utama 五福城. Alvin and his wife have opened up a educational toys shop called NiceVin just next to ShaShinKi.com.

The food is great, and the environment is nice. We book the table at 7pm, and there are already many crowds there. The restaurant serves snacks and drinks for those who are waiting outside, which is a great thought to avoid customers getting bored our out of patience waiting.

All together we have 4 families joining the dinner. Ordered quite a lot of food, and we got to taste and try out more variety than usual.

This is what I ordered. Fresh, thick, nice!