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Scammer Alert Imposing using email kohkhoking1@gmail.com

I got contacted by several persons that got scammed by a scammer that imposed as me that wants to hire English teacher via email kohkhoking1@gmail.com.

The scammer used my name and photos obtained from my blog to email to victims.

Below is the email that one of the victim sent to me.

Subject: Re: Children ESL Teacher Wanted

I want to start by thanking you for responding to my email.I contacted you because i want a good a focused teacher who can help my daughter in speaking and writing English Language.

She can say few words but need the services of a professional to help her communicate freely with other kids here.We are presently in London and the job is here in our home in London.

We expect you to start by the month May first week but can be flexible.

We have received your cv and pictures and ready to hire your services if you are available to relocate.
Are you presently in US or Malaysia?
Are you hot tempered?
Do you smoke or drink too much?
Do you have any reference we can contact?

Attached is my family pictures.

Dr.Koh King

If you received such email or someone from kohkhoking1@gmail.com, do take note that it is a SCAMMER. I have reported twice to Google / Gmail on the scammer, but it seems like Google is still doing nothing.

I am posting the info here in my blog, hopefully those who received such email will try Google for the info first and reach this blog post and avoid being scammed.

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