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My Christmas Present – RC Car JLB 21101 (Cheetah V2)

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Recently got attracted to this RC Car…or should I say I have always wanted a RC car myself.

I bought 4 units for my boy, and nephews each as their Christmas present.

I told my wife that I wanted one too… and showed her the taobao link of the product. I almost bought one from another site, and I am glad that I checked taobao before I clicked the order. I told my wife about my childhood dream to own a RC car, so she has no problem ordering one for me. I chose theost expensive configuration at RMB2800+.

The car reaches me right before Christmas. I am excited, and still excited about it!

It is a really fast and furious toy. Going at over 70km/hr from what I read online, and I think mine is faster at maybe 80-90km/hr, as mine is with the more powerful motor, controller, remote, battery 4s, etc.

Till now I still haven’t able to test the car at full speed, as it is really fast, and I still haven’t master it. The big compound ground that I tried is not long enough for me to test it till full speed. It is scary when you see it in action. So much power in it that you want to tame.

The remote control that I chose has a digital display. So many settings that it took quite a while for me to understand its functions. I have to refer to the manual and test out one by one. The most important setting that I tried finding is the power output control, as I want to set it to manageable level to be played by the kids. Managed to get the setting hidden under basic setting and control parameters. Set to 16-20% for the kids to play with fun yet still safe.

Love this Christmas gift…thanks my dear…Lydia Wong…a very understanding wife…

The remote controller that I chose is the digital type. Lots of buttons and settings that you can play around.

Everything is installed and the car is seated nicely / safely in the box.

Beneath the car is the accessories that come with it.

The seller has installed everything in the car for me. They did ask if I want to DIY, but I said no. This is my first serious RC car, I have no idea how it works or assembled, so better leave it to the expert.

They installed verything neatly inside. All cables are put nicely and tied nicely together.

Front LED lights in White Colour. Lights are actually very important and useful, as when you drive the car far, you tend to get confused with the orientation or direction of the car. With the lights, you know if the car is facing you or not. Some versions didn’t come with lights, a MUST upgrade for all.

Rear LED lights in Red Colour. So you know your far is facing away from you if you saw the red lights. You can also see the wheely bar at rear, with spoiler on top. Both are actually very useful in actual drive, as I have several times having the car went 2 wheels (rear) due to the powerful acceleration, and the wheely bar and spoiler prevented it from going over.

ON OFF button on the right. Then the power controller, where you can add extra accessories and connected to it (eg. motor fan that I added).

I chose the most powerful 20KG torque shaft controller.

Soft and nice grip pattern tyres. This is the biggest different from the old Cheetah version.

4S Battery, 5200mAh. The most powerful that I found and chose. This push the car speed to the max!

Front suspension. All metals. Tough and strong!

Rear suspension. Again, metal construction.

Not sure what is the rating of the motor, but it seems very powerful and furious. The motor gets pretty hot in my first run, so I added the given fan and heat sink to the motor. Very easy to install, just plug the power and click to the motor. The fan is turning fast and I can feel the heat on the heat sink, so it should cool down the motor a bit.

The supplied SKYRC IMAX B6 charger with multiple batteries charging hub. This should be the best charger out there for RC fans. I got the same charger from my Walkera TALI H500 drone. Yes, I got two LiPo (Lithium Polymer) batteries for my setup. Took about an hour or less to fully charge the battery at 3.0A charging current.

The kids are having fun with their Christmas presents (Megumi on the left is with my JLB, as she chose Pony for her Christmas present and got no RC car). I set the power output of the JLB to 15%, so is safe for kids to play.