25 September 2023


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Samsung Galaxy S3 Revive 

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Don’t remember the last time I sold my phone…maybe never…as I don’t trust giving out my phone to shop or others that might hack back my data…

So I have this Samsung Galaxy S3 kept in drawer for several years…(i upgraded to mi 3, then Samsung Note 5).

We need new phone for my office for WhatsApp use, and I am glad that this S3 is still around. However, I couldn’t power it up even after charging, suspect battery dead.

I took the chance by buying a new battery for it. Went to a shop to try it out, and yes it works. I am happy to pay RM49 for the third party battery, ori will cause over RM100, and it might still not be ori. So might as well get a third party replacement.

Reset the phone to factory condition, running Android 4, installed simcard (XOX), installed WhatsApp, it is good to go.