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TM UniFi FREE Speed Upgrade (from 5Mbs to 10Mbs)

Got an sms from TM few days ago…

RM0.00:TM: Congrats! Your UniFi speed will be upgraded to 10Mbps! FREE upgrade, NO contract. Restart your modem after 24hrs to enjoy new speed. T&C apply.

Today only I remembered about it. So I did a test before and after, to see if there is any significant difference or not in real.

Before I restart the modem, I did a Speedtest.  tmbefore

Below is after restarting the modem.


Yes, quite a significant improvement in speed, as what TM promised, 10Mbps.

TM has been calling me for several months pursuing me to UPGRADE to their 10Mbs package with extra RM10-20 monthly fee (can’t remember exactly the price), but I told them no. Main reason being I still able to surf smoothly with the 5Mbps package, so no urge to upgrade. TM no longer offering 5Mbps package to the public, it seems that it is more economical for them to maintain and keep all users at 10Mbps minimum.

Glad that I didn’t “upgrade” with fee.

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