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Hitachi 18kg Top Loading Washing Machine HTC-SF180XWVSL

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Taking the Raya sales ride, so we decided to get a new washing machine for our home.

We are currently using the front loader LG washing machine, which uses very little water in washing, which we doubt it is clean. Several hand rinse after washing confirmed that there are still a lot of detergent residue left on the cloth after washing. This is bad and worrying as my boy likes to bite on the shirts or cloth.

So here we go shopping for a new washing machine today, and we chose Hitachi for I have seen the model in newspaper recently promoting it as the latest model and technology. Furthermore, we decided on Japanese brand as got no confident on Samsung or LG Korean brand anymore.

Original price RM2799, RAYA discount RM300, becomes RM2499. Then the good Malay salesman give another RM100 discount to sweeten the deal (we didn’t asked, but was considering either the 16kg or 18kg models). At RM2399, the 18kg model is at the same price as the 16kg model, so we go for the 18kg of course.

Hitachi 18kg Top Loading Washing Machine HTC-SF180XWVSL

Inner view, metal drum, said to have self clean function. My wife said the banana was purposely put inside to give you an idea on how BIG the drum is…

This is our old LG front loader washing machine.

Delivery can only be done after Raya, which is next week. Not a problem.