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ShaShinKi Family Charity Fun Run

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Today, 14th May 2016, Saturday, we, ShaShinKi family is having the charity fun run at Pulai Springs Golf Resort!

We saw the charity fun run a month ago, and decided to have all of our office members participating the event. The day fall on the normal working Saturday in our office, so we decided to take a day off and let everybody joining the fun run!

We invited their family members to join us as well (sponsored by ShaShinKi), but they were too shy…

My family of 4 joined the category C 5km run, while the others join the 10km run individual category B. Participation fee of category B is RM600K per person, and Category C family group is RM150 per family. Of course, all paid by ShaShinKi.

All proceeds from the charity fun run go to supporting Pu Sze Chinese Primary School.


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